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Today’s Poem

…I will tell of all your wonders. Psalm 9:1b

My days pass swiftly. They are filled with joy and sadness, confidence and worry, victory and defeat. But each day, each moment, is purposeful, never meaningless, and worthy of consideration.

Dear Reader, grant me that each day is poem-worthy, a gift from God and deserving of our attention. And then, pray to the Giver of days for the right words and the imagination to express the wonders of everyday life.

by Terrie van Baarsel

Each day begets a poem:
An open window
A raised eyebrow
The fellowship of the saints.

Each moment speaks its cadence,
Lives its own existence
And then,
Travels inescapably to legends past.
Meekly, sometimes wearily,
But surely nonetheless.

Now, recite to me the poem, young ones!
Where will the flight of fancy
Carry you today?
What far-off lands
And winged remembrances
Ascend on strange dilemmas and delights?
Will barren diversions
Or concerns of the hour
Quash the timid play of words?

Or will the day’s poem emerge
A limerick or a dirge?
A sonnet or free verse?
Listen closely!

When shadows grow long
And dreams come whispering.
There hang the words
Warm, like sun ripened plums.

Pick them.


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