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The Waiting

My Beautiful Daughter

I am the mother of three young adults, all in their early 20’s. I just found out this week that my “little girl” (22 years old, actually) is moving out of our home and will be renting a house with three of her girlfriends.

I’m excited for her.

I know that she will gain valuable life experience.

But, it’s still bitter-sweet. I’m thankful she is moving close by. I am thankful she works near by. I am trusting the Lord for her while she is not living under our roof.

My mind has been full this week, thinking about her leaving. I was reminded of a poem I wrote several years ago when I realized that the children we had raised were growing up. I’m sharing it with you here.

by Terrie van Baarsel

Time is a deaf old man
Ignoring my pleas.

I can recall the years,
My fair-haired wonders,
When I had all the answers,
Or at least you thought I did.

The question hangs in the balance.
The past lingers,
Distanced and shadowed
Caught in dusty theatres
And pine needle blankets,
Held captive in story books,
Crushed in dandelion bouquets.
A rush of life
The memory of sweet kisses,
Life’s dreams and expectations
Cradled in regret,
Are soon set free
For hope’s sake.

Fixed is the mystery of Mother and Child.
The agony and joy of boundless love.

You no longer wait for me,
But run on ahead
And I retreat
And wish it were not so,
That you would turn ’round
And lend me your hand.
Move slower, more deliberate.

It’s not to be,
At least for now.
But, it does not matter
Because Maternal Love

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