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A Change

…Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.  1 Timothy 1:2

Dear Gospel Apprentice Readers,

For quite some time my goal as far as posting frequency here on Gospel Apprentice has been to post once a week: Sermon Notes, something I’ve written, and links to interesting articles around the internet.

Over the last few weeks I’ve discovered that blogging needs to be moved down a bit on my priority list. Life has been a bit unsettled for me lately (sometimes even overwhelming) and posting three times a week has become more difficult, and at times even burdensome. There are several new responsibilities in my life that I must (and am happy to) give my attention to that are more important than my blog.

Unlike most women, I’ve never been a good multi-tasker. I tend to zero in on one thing at a time, which really cuts down on the number of things I’m able to juggle! I came close to taking a complete break from blogging, but have come to believe that is not what the Lord would have me do. So, I’ve decided to just cut myself a break and write when I can,  thereby freeing myself up to give attention to people and things that I believe need to be in a more prominent position on my list of priorities.

I’ve grown to love so many of you in my “blogging family.” I will continue to visit your blogs as often as I can and appreciate in advance the encouragement I am sure to find there.

By His Grace and for the Gospel,

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