The Image of God and the Sanctity of Human Life

SERMON NOTES: Pastor Milton Vincent
January 20, 2013: Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

As Christians, how should we think about abortion? Why are we pro-life? These points make up one aspect of our perspective and how to bring our worldview to bear upon this issue.

NewBorn Baby | Imaan | Just 30 days

NewBorn Baby | Imaan | Just 30 days (Photo credit: en-shahdi)

“To come into the womb and do violence is to do violence to the handiwork of God.”
-Milton Vincent


1. Human beings were created in the image of God.
-James 3:9; Gen. 1:27; 9:6
-We are not mere products of time plus chance.
-Human beings are unique in that Scripture does not speak of any other part of God’s creation as being made in His image.

2. Even after the Fall, human beings still bear the image of God.
-1 Cor. 11:7; James 3:9
-The fall did not obliterate God’s image in us.
-We bear His image, but it is marred.
-For Christians, God’s image is being restored day by day.
-Non-Christians also bear the image of God.

3. Because humans bear God’s image, it is wrong to murder or mistreat a fellow human-being.
-Gen. 9:6
-To murder is to do violence to the image of God.
-James 3:9 takes this idea even further by teaching us that because others bear God’s image we should allow that to shape the way we talk to and talk about other people.
-Recognize that the image of God is in all of our fellow humans and let it influence how we treat them.
-We should not treat those who are pro-abortion or those who have had an abortion as scum because they too are image bearers.

“James 3:9 says that you don’t disdain, you don’t demonize, you don’t curse, but you offer grace…” –Tim Keller

4. Because pre-born human beings are created by God in the image of God, they are entitled to the full rights of personhood.
-Ps. 139:13-16; Lit in Hebrew v 14: On account of [Your] awe-inspiring deeds [in fashioning me] I am wonderful!
-This is healthy self-esteem coming from a Biblical Worldview. To God be the Glory!
-We are a distinguished and wonderful product of God’s creative handiwork!
-In the womb, the child is created and fashioned by God, therefore, that child is wonderful.
-To come into the womb and do violence is to do violence to the handiwork of God.
-Look at the language those who are pro-abortion use to describe the child in a mother’s womb:
blob of tissue
tissue mass
fetal infestation
non-viable tissue mass
-Eileen McDonagh says this: [The fetus is] “a massive intrusion on a woman’s body expropriating her liberty…” She goes on to say that the woman has every right to meet that intrusion with violence.
-With the passage of Roe v. Wade, a baby could be considered human, but could not claim personhood.

“A fertilized ovum evidently is human life, but is not a person.” Hansking
“The life of a human organism begins at conception. The life of a person…does not begin so early.” Peter Singer
“What is critical is personal status, not merely human status.” Joseph Fletcher
John Watson says that even 3 days after birth (after genetic testing for example) the baby can be “terminated.”

-Peter Singer says that personhood is uncertain until up to 3 years of age. (!)
-A person (according to the pro-abortion view) is a human being +
must exhibit neural activity
able to feel pain
possess cognitive function
have wants and desires for the future
be valued
have a desire to live
be capable of valuing your own existence
have a mother who has the resources to raise a baby
not be viewed as a threat to mental health

5. As Christians, we know from experience that there is forgiveness for killing an innocent human being who bears the image of God.
-2 Cor. 4:4
-In Christ, there is healing and grace for those who have taken life.
-We know this because we have participated in the murder of the only truly innocent human who perfectly displayed the image of God! Christ.
-It’s important for us to be knocked off our “high-horse” and relate to fellow sinners.

“Wither is God? I will tell you, we have killed him–you and I. All of us are his murderers.” Nietzsche (In this case, he is right).

-Is. 53:5 (lit) He was pierced from our transgressions; He was crushed from our iniquities…
-If we could remove the “DNA” of every sin we commit, big or small, it would spell out “murderer of God.”

“Sin is deicide. Every sinner, if he could, would kill God…sin in its essence is the murder of Immanuel, God with us.”

-Acts 2:33; 2:36
-Luther said, don’t try to deny that you killed the Son of God. You have the nails in your pocket.

At the very spot where we committed the sin of the murder of God, the cross, God moves toward us and offers salvation.

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