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"The Wilderness" - Israel

“The Wilderness” – Israel (Photo credit: wmrice)

SERMON NOTES: Pastor Carlos Cuellar
January 6, 2013: Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church


Psalm 63

1. In the wilderness God reveals Himself as God so that we desire and behold Him. Ps. 63:1-2
-God takes us into the wilderness so that we can learn that He is all we need.
-In the wilderness, God strips away all other gods so that we can see Him alone as God.
-v. 1: Oh God, you are MY God…
-God awakens our desire for Him and then reveals Himself to us.
-David could’ve looked to other things besides God (David’s own sin, Absalom, his circumstances). But David looks to God.
-In our wilderness of life, we can look to the Cross.

2. In the wilderness God reveals steadfast love toward us so that we worship Him. Ps. 63:3-4
-God takes us into the wilderness to show us how much He loves us.
-There we see God’s covenantal, relentless love.
-David learns that nothing can separate Him from the love of God.
-We don’t have to wait until we are out of the wilderness to worship God. We can worship Him, as David did, in the midst of pain and suffering.

3. In the wilderness God reveals His sufficiency so that we are satisfied in Him. Ps. 63:5-6
-We realize that God is all we need.
-We often want God plus something else. God wants us to know that He is enough.
-Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…(no lack).

4. In the wilderness God reveals His helping presence so that we trust in Him. Ps. 63:7-8
-He has been our help (past) and will be our help (future).
-We can be comforted by His presence in the wilderness.
-Ps. 23: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…you are with me; your rod and staff, they comfort me.
-When we can’t hold on any longer, He upholds us.
-Even in our darkest hour, we are in God’s hands.

5. In the wilderness God reveals His perfect sovereignty so that we hope in Him. Ps. 63:9-11
-When things go wrong, sometimes our first impulse is to scramble to control the situation.
-David knew that God is sovereign and takes comfort in that.
-God’s sovereign hand acts upon David’s enemies.
-David waits on and trusts God for future deliverance.

This Psalm (song) was written during one of the lowest points of David’s life. Let us also find Him in the wilderness and sing.

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