Making Disciples Together

SERMON NOTES: Pastor Carlos Cuellar
December 16, 20112: Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

This sermon is part of our Winter Seminar: Together for the Gospel.


Matthew 28:16-20

We are all disciples of someone or something. We are all making disciples for someone or something.

1. Making disciples is our mission and greatest calling.
-Matt. 28:16-19a
-Jesus answered his disciples’ doubts by alluding to Daniel 7:13-14, All authority…has been given to me.
-Jesus’ response encouraged and emboldened his disciples to fulfill their mission and calling.
-God’s mission cannot fail.
-Misconceptions about the Great Commission:
that is is just for missionaries (it is for every disciple of Jesus)
that it is just for some people groups (it is global, not just local)
that it is just for unbelievers to be evangelized (it is for making and maturing disciples).

2. Making disciples involves making people followers of Jesus.
-Matt. 28:19
-Baptizing and teaching.
-Baptism is not just immersion into water (although that is important!). But immersion into a new reality, new identity, new relationship, new community, new purpose, new life, etc.
-Teach the Gospel.
-Teaching others about Christ because people who love Christ desire to obey Him.
-If you love me, you will keep my commandments. John 14:15
-Not about behavioral changes.
-Obedience being a means to the ultimate end of glorifying God.
-Luke 6:40

3. Making disciples requires evangelizing people with the transforming power of the Gospel.
-Matt. 28:10-20a: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…
-The Gospel is our greatest tool for making disciples.
-Without the Gospel, evangelizing is dangerous and does not transform people.
-Discipleship is a fight of faith to live inside of the Gospel (not performance based).
-Only the Gospel can continue to transform both new believers and more mature believers to be more like Christ.

4. Making disciples occurs in the relational context of community.
-In relationships as ordinary people living ordinary lives with Gospel intentionality.
-Making disciples:
Intentionality-We do.
Association-We pursue. (Pursuing relationships with other people, to know them.)
Impartation-We give our lives away. “Jesus’s followers do not kill to extend His kingdom, they die.” -John Piper
Demonstration-We show others how to live, not as perfect people but by humbly opening our lives to others.
-We are not only to make disciples individually, but together as a community with our varied gifts.

Our mission and greatest calling is to be disciples of Jesus and make disciples. We fulfill our mission and greatest calling with Jesus, and His mission will succeed.

And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. Matt. 28:20b

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