Loving One Another (Part 3)

Sermon Notes: Pastor Milton Vincent
September 16, 2012-Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

Starting in Romans 12:1, Paul shows us the things we are to get up and do in response to the Gospel truths he has already presented. Chapter 12, verse 9, he teaches us what Agape love is and how to show it.


Romans 12:9-11

Review: Part 2
1. Let go of hypocrisy. (v. 9)
2. Hate evil. (v. 9)
3. Cling to what is good. (v. 9)
4. Be devoted to one another as family. (v. 10)
5. Take the initiative in treating each other with honor. (v. 10)

Part 3:
Be swift, not slothful in serving one another. (v. 11)
-Diligence=swiftness to act, persistence, earnestness and conscientiousness in acting.
-Making every effort to serve.
-Not lagging behind or viewing what must be done as too much trouble.
-See Phil. 3:1; Heb. 12:2; Rom 2:4
-Jesus had is eyes so much on the joy set before Him that the shame and suffering He endured on the cross was nothing to Him. No trouble at all.
-When we get to heaven we will be amazed at the trouble Jesus went through for us. He looks at all of that trouble (leaving heaven, living as a man, suffering and dying) as nothing (so to speak).

The way of the cross is to serve one another as Christ served us. Don’t make a list of things you have to do, but look at Jesus instead and be changed by what He already did for you.

7. Maintain a fervency of spirit, expressing itself in serving one another.
-Fervent=boiling over
-Love others by keeping myself from becoming lukewarm or cold spiritually.
-Love others by nurturing a boiling over of spirit which will express itself in service to others.
-Boiling over in spirit is a choice, yet more than a choice. We must locate ourselves next to a heat source. The Gospel is that heat source! (See Rom. 1-11)
-Rom. 1:16; The Gospel is the power of God! Locate your heart there and let your heart be set on fire!
-We best serve others by the boiling over of the Gospel in our lives.
-Nurture the boiling over by spending time with God, the consuming fire. Be intentional about it.

8. Serve one another with a mindfulness that we are serving the Lord Jesus. (v. 11)
-Doing our work as a slave whose work is directed by his Master’s will.
-From the beginning to the end of every day as being under the rule of Jesus. When we serve one another, we are serving Him.
-See Matt. 25, “…as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”
-Serve one another ultimately to please the Lord, not as a man-pleaser.
-Serve one another in the Lord, as His representative.

We serve with the wrong motive when we serve to please others. It is Jesus who is my Master.

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