Loving One Another (Part 2)

Sermon Notes: Pastor Milton Vincent
September 2, 2012-Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

Paul is teaching us how to do life to God’s Glory.
Romans 12:9-11


1. Let go of hypocrisy. (v. 9)
-Stop hiding.
-Stop pretense.
-Agape love strips us of hypocrisy.

2. Hate evil. (v. 9)
-Intolerant of evil.
-Not laughing at evil.
-Vehemently despise evil.

3. Cling to what is good. (v. 9)
-To Scripture.
-To mercy, grace, virtue.
-Habits and disciplines that enrich your relationship with God and others.

4. Be devoted to one another  as family. (v. 10)
-The word here means “family affection”.
-Be devoted to one another with family affection/brotherly love.
-It’s not just an analogy. We are indeed family!
-The institution of family here on earth is a shadow pointing to the family of Christ.
 -We are blood relatives. We are related by the blood of Christ.

5. Take the initiative in treating one another with honor. (v. 10-11)
-Honor = valuing as precious. Esteeming others.
-Seeing others as valuable. Christ died for them.
-Honor others before they honor you. Outdo one another in honoring one another.
-Don’t withhold honoring others because of their behavior. Don’t let their behavior dictate whether you obey God’s command to honor others.

We are the daily recipients of a Savior who honored us with His love before we honored Him. He didn’t wait for us to clean up our act before He honored us with His love.

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