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Sermon Notes: Pastor Milton Vincent
August 12, 2012: Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching; the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who contributes, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12:6-8

There is a sense in which the grace of God is a currency or commodity. Paul wants to teach us how to do commerce with the grace of God.


1. We each have graces given to us.
-Rom. 12:3, 6
-We have been given “little graces” (gifts) according to the “big grace” God has given us.
-These graces are part of the treasury of grace from which our brothers and sisters are to draw.

2. The graces we have been given are different from one another.
-Rom. 12:6
-They differ in categories, levels, combinations, manners given (duration and occasion), opportunities, manners of expression.
-There are thousands of shades and hues and combinations of gifts, all by Divine design.

3. The different graces we have (and don’t have) are determined by Grace.
-Rom. 12:3
-It is grace that determines our gifts, gifts we have and gifts we don’t have.
-By the grace of God, whatever deficits you have in gifts puts you in need of your brothers and sisters.
-We sometimes find ourselves in divinely appointed circumstances that make us realize our deficits and reach out to our brothers and sisters to draw from them and the treasury of grace in them.
-Paul did not do everything alone, he had Silas, John Mark, Barnabus, etc. He took his brothers with him.
-Our gift deficits are an expression of the grace of God just as our giftedness is.
-We actually have all the gifts because we experience them all in relationship with our brothers and sisters.
-In community with one another, we possess all the gifts.
-Technically, the gifts we do have are not our own, but they belong to our brothers and sisters.

4. We each should exercise the graces given to us.

A. If given the grace of prophecy, exercise it according to the faith.
-Two kinds of prophecy, revelatory and non-revelatory.
-Acts 11:27-28; 21:10-11; Acts 15:32
-“Must correspond to the rule of faith as proclaimed by the apostles and believed, confessed and taught in the churches.” (In my notes, I missed the name in order to cite this quote. Sorry.)

B. If given the grace of service, exercise it by serving.
-People with this gift are skilled in discerning needs, both material, physical and spiritual and they find pleasure in meeting those needs.

C. If given the grace of teaching, exercise it by teaching.
-Instructing in doctrine and practice.
-In a sense, exercising spiritual authority.
-People with this gift are skilled in discerning where there are errors and bringing the word of God to bear on them.

D. If given the grace of exhortation, exercise it by exhorting.
-lit: to call from along one’s side, to comfort, encourage, challenge, motivate, rouse, rebuke.
-Not as an authority figure, but by coming alongside someone who needs encouragement, etc.

E. If given the grace of giving, exercise it with liberality.
-People with this gift are skilled at discerning needs and meeting them.
-Are often gifted at generating income and resources in order to meet needs.
-This does not mean that the person must be rich to exercise this gift.
-Finds joy in giving time, resources, income.

F. If given the grace of leadership, exercise it with diligence.
-lit: to stand before.
-Someone who can see the giftedness of others and use and direct their gifts.
-All husbands have this gift to one degree or another in order to lead their households.

G. If given the grace of mercy, exercise it with cheerfulness.
-Showing sympathy and compassion to those who are suffering.
-Gladly helping and sustaining those who are suffering through a time of dire need.

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