Always Transforming

Sermon Notes: Pastor Milton Vincent
July 22, 2012-Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar. Shot in Aucklan...

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar. Shot in Auckland, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ask the question, “What then, shall we do with the Gospel truths we have learned previously in the book of Romans?”

Implications of the command to “be transformed” in Romans 12:2:

You’re not perfect yet.
Yes, you are saved, forgiven, clothed with righteousness, secure in eternity, etc. But we still need to grow.

You need to change.
Not just others need to change, not just circumstances, but, you.

Transformation is possible.
Implied in every command of God is the promise that God will empower you to do it. For example, in Matthew 14 when Peter wants to walk on water he says to Jesus, “Lord…command me to come to you on the water.” When Jesus tells Peter to come, Peter knows that he will be able to walk on the water.

Transformation is never finished in this life.
The command to be transformed is in the present tense. Be continuously being transformed. In every stage of Christian life, be transformed. Don’t think you’ve been changed enough. God is never done changing and transforming you.

Don’t make your changing conditional. “I’ll change if…” It’s not Jesus +…. in order to be transformed.

You cannot transform yourself.
Only God can transform you. God stands at the ready to empower you to transform.

Transformation is something you must choose.
Paul is appealing to our will. God will change you to the degree that you choose to allow him to. It’s deeper than mere behavior modification. It’s a process of deep transformation that often happens very slowly and is not observable on the outside.

How can I position myself to allow God to most effectively transform me?

Monarch male showing its wings to attract a mate

Monarch male showing its wings to attract a mate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. Embrace the fact that the purpose of all things (including you) is to glorify God. (Rom. 11:36)
-Get away from the idea that everything revolves around you.
-God is bigger and greater than you. Open your eyes to the big picture.
-Seek His glory and our circumstances become less about us and more about Him.
-We conform to Him, not Him to us.

2. Surrender everything you are and have to God.
-We no longer belong to ourselves.
-Fully surrender yourself and be transformed.
-Transformation happens most deeply on the other side of surrender.
-Just as when someone goes into surgery they fully surrender themselves to the surgeon, surrender yourself to the Great Surgeon!
-It’s not, “Lord I want to be good!” but, “Lord, I want to be Christ-like.”

3. Consciously resist the influence of the world every day.
-The world system seeks to press us into its mold.
-Don’t go along with the world’s flow.
-We flatter the things we conform to. What has the world done to deserve such flattery?
-Steel yourself against the influence of the world.

4. Be continually engaging in the task of renewing your mind.
-Transformation comes through the mind.
-The battle is fought and won or lost in the mind.
-Even as saved people, sometimes we have wrong thinking.
-Renew your mind with Gospel truth. Learn Gospel truth, unlearn anything contrary to the Gospel.
-Be intentional. Read, memorize, meditate, wrap your mind around truth and envision how you can apply truth and walk in it.

5. Make it your daily ambition to discover and demonstrate that God’s will is exceedingly good.
-Get up every morning with the attitude to prove that God’s will is beneficial to you.
-God’s will is well-pleasing.
-Discern the experience that God’s will is perfect and good.
-God’s will is most satisfying.

6. Live in community with your brothers and sisters in Christ. (Romans 12:36)
-Transformation is a community project.
-More to come on this!

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