You Are The Body Of Christ

Sermon Notes-Pastor Carlos Cuellar
June 10, 2012-Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

Intro: Even more amazing than the human body is the body of Christ. Paul wanted to teach the priority of the body and our role in the body, both unity and diversity. In Corinth, certain parts of the body were being elevated above the others. We need to be reminded of the body of Christ, especially as it functions as a local body here at Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church. We want to grow in the Gospel and community.


1. The body is rooted in Christ.
-…so it is with Christ. (v. 12)
-Christ and His church are inseparable.
-The way we regard Christ is the same way we should regard the body-not only the universal body of Christ, but the local body.
-We are Christ’s body.
-See Acts 20:28; Matt. 16:18
-The way we treat the body is how we treat Christ. (Matt. 25:34-40)

2. The body of Christ is rooted in the Gospel.
-(v. 13)
-God brings us together with others who are God’s people.
-Through one Spirit baptized into His body.
-The Gospel is how we came into community and the basis of our community.
-Different backgrounds, but all taking on a new identity as members of the body of Christ.
-The Gospel is an invitation to others to come into community with the body of Christ.

3. The body is rooted in people.
-(v. 14)
-The Corinthians were exalting certain gifts and thereby exalting certain people as more important in the body.
-There is a diversity of members, but one body.
-It’s about a community of people, not only just you and me.
-Especially in our western thinking, we see individualism as most important.
-The body is made up of precious people for whom Christ died.
-The body can employ programs, church buildings, events, etc., but people are most important.
-Christ was all about people.

4. The body of Christ is rooted in a diverse community of vital members.
-(v. 15-20)
-All have a purpose in the body.
-God has brought our local body together (v. 18).
-Diverse, yet united with Christ as the Head.
-For example, the whole body as an eye would not be a body, but a monstrosity.
-The demarcation among the people in the body is in function, not position.

5. The body is rooted in an interdependent community of caring members.
-(v. 21-27)
-We have a part to play in others’ lives and they have a part to play in ours.
-In Corinth, certain people with more “flashy” gifts began to think they didn’t need the body.
-We need each other and are designed for community in Christ.
-Even those who seem weaker are necessary and essential to the body.
-The body is neither independent from each other or dependent upon each other, but interdependent. We need each other!
-If one member is hurt, we all hurt. If one member is exalted, we all rejoice.

Verse 27 reads, Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. Literally, you are body of Christ… emphasizing the very nature of what we are together.

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