A Story Women Should Love

Sermon Notes – Pastor Milton Vincent
May 13, 2012 Mother’s Day – Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

(Note from Terrie: I’m a little late with this, but it was such a good message that I wanted to post it anyway. What a blessed Mother’s Day Sermon! It’s good to re-think about it.)

Luke 10:38-42 (Martha and Mary)

This section is the story of a woman who:
-wants Jesus in her home.
-is truly seeking to serve Jesus.
-feels worried and bothered about many things.
-begins to feel alone in her concerns and labor.
-wishes she had help.
-becomes critical of others.
-brings her concerns to Jesus.

“Whatever else our Lord Jesus did, He immeasurably exalted womanhood.”
-George Morrison

"Christ in the House of Martha and Mary&q...

“Christ in the House of Martha and Mary” by Jan Vermeer, 1655. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Greek, Roman, and Jewish culture during this time, women had no rights. Jesus ushered in a new age where women are given new freedoms and rights. It is a turning point in the history of women.


1. He accepts the invitation of a woman into her home. (v. 38)
-No rabbi would have done this.
-The invitation is an act of kindness originating in the heart of a woman toward Jesus and He warmly accepts it.

2. He allows a woman to sit at His feet as a disciple. (v.39)
-Mary assumed her place as a disciple. (It’s possible that the other men disciples could have been there, also.)
-Mary was also part of the preparations to receive Jesus, but at some point sat at Jesus’ feet.
-We misread it if we think that all Mary did was sit. In v. 40 Martha says, “My sister has left me…”, implies Mary had done her part.
-Jesus does not rebuke Mary but receives her as a disciple.
-Words from the Jerusalem Talmud: “Let the words of the law be burned rather than taught to women.” Sotah 3:4

3. He gives a woman freedom to bring her complaint to Him. (v. 40)
-Avoid either mistake: 1. thinking that Mary did no work. 2. Thinking that Martha was not listening at all to Jesus.
-Martha was probably expecting Jesus to intervene.
-She becomes upset, rebuking not only Martha but Jesus too!
-But, she does bring her complaint to Jesus just as all of us should do.
-She felt comfortable doing so. We can feel safe pouring out our hearts and emotions to Jesus.

4. He looks into the heart of a woman and tells her what He sees. (v. 41)
-Jesus is showing us that the heart of a woman is important and worth His notice.
-He actually cares about our hearts.

5. He seeks to lighten the woman’s burden to only what was necessary. (v. 42)
-There are different ways of understanding what Jesus is saying here, but at the very least he is saying: You’re preparing an elaborate feast for me – but really only one simple meal is needed.
-Jesus acknowledges her service, but is telling her that he’d rather have Martha with Him than an elaborately prepared dish.

6. He tells women that the best way to serve Him is to commune with Him and let Him feed them. (v. 42)
Jesus is saying that He did not come to be served, but to serve.
-Jesus turns everything upside down!
-Jesus is the best food and the best drink.
-Jesus is not just interested in exacting service from you, but He wants to serve you. He wants relationship with Him to be your portion.

7. He promises women that the blessings of sitting at His feet will never be taken away from them. (v. 42)
-Women in the 1st century must have shouted “Hallelujah!” at this.
-He is giving women a place at the table.
-He is saying that women can be His disciples.
-This story is more than Mary vs. Martha. It is an opportunity for Jesus to express what He wants to do for all women.
-He is saying that the privilege of being a disciple of Jesus can never be taken away fom women.
-He is saying that He will be blessed by your service to Him, but to not let it distract fom relationship with Him.
-Ask Jesus how to serve Him best!
-The greatest service to Jesus is to sit at His feet and let Him serve and feed you.

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