God’s Program of Missions

Sermon Notes-Pastor Mike Berry
May 6, 2012-Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church


Psalm 67:1-7
This Psalm expresses the heart of God. He desires worshippers from all people of all nations. There is also a hint of the means that God will use to gain worshippers. Verse 6: God blesses us with material wealth, why? V. 7: In order that all the ends of the earth may fear Him.

1. God has chosen worshippers out of every tribe, tongue and nation.
-From God’s perspective, Christ has already won, this is already accomplished before the foundation of the world. (Eph. 1:7-12)
-Book of Ephesians was written as a revealer of a mystery. That is, the nations get to be shoulder to shoulder with the Jews.
-In eternity past, God chose from Jews and Gentiles people to worship God.
-Missions starts in eternity past. It begins in the mind of God.

2. Christ has purchased worshippers out of every tribe, tongue and nation.
-Rev. 5:9, the song sung by men from every tribe, tongue and nation.
-God chose them and God purchased them.
-Not that it MIGHT happen, but that it WILL happen.

3. Christ will call worshippers out of every tribe, tongue and nation.
-The means of how this will happen.
-Matt. 28:18: all authority given to Jesus.
-Christ has given the job to the church to go call the people that God has had in mind from the foundations of the world.
-Think about how we are here today, as Christians, because a few people over in ancient Israel preached the Gospel so long ago.
-For 2000 years the church has been moving forward by passing the torch, missions.
-Jesus prophsied this (Matt 24:14). It’s a promise from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
-Missions is not accomplished through some guilt trip that there is a feeble God who needs our help.
-God’s abilities are not limited. He does not need our help.
-We need a high view of God. Missions did not begin with us, but in the mind of God in eternity past.
-But God is pleased to use us in His plan for missions.
-We get to participate in the glory of Christ and His suffering.

4. Christ will be worshipped by individuals out of every tribe, tongue and nation.
-Rev. 7:9, We see the future scene of every tribe, tongue and nation worshipping God.
-Rev. 15:3-4
-This is the plan and program of God. That the nations will worship and find their enjoyment in Him.
-He has provided everything necessary to make this happen.

“All of history is moving toward one great goal, the white-hot worship of God and His Son among all the peoples of the earth. Missions is not that goal. It is the means, and for that reason it is the second greatest human activity in the world.” -John Piper

-If God chose and ransomed people from every tribe, tongue and nation and we know that His plan will be a success, then it has yet to be accomplished. We have more work to do in missions.
-Estimated that there are more than 2 billion people in the world who are unreached. They are born, live and die without opportunity to talk to a Christian, have a copy of the Bible, or visit a church. People die and go to hell.
-Rom. 1 says that people do have a knowledge of God but that they suppress it. There is no innocent man. Without Christ, there is no hope.
-Rev. 5:2ff; who is worthy to take the scroll? No one can but Christ! Because of Christ there is hope for people of all nations.


1. Pray with confidence. God will be worshipped among all peoples…Hallowed be thy Name, on earth as it is in heaven. Make this a part of our prayer life.

2. Give with confidence. Know why God has sovereignly blessed us with material wealth, that all the ends of the earth may fear Him! (Ps. 67:6)

Why did God allow us to have the ability to earn wealth? Why has God given us blessing? At least one reason is so that we would use our wealth to help the Gospel go out. We can participate in this mission that God has been doing since eternity past.

3. Send with confidence. (See Rom. 10:13-15).

4. Go with confidence. Some of us will be sent out to do the hard work of missions. Some are called to be like Timothy (stay) and some called to be like Paul (go). As a church, may we enlarge our vision for missions. If we make ourselves available to God, He will use us. Not because He needs us, but so that we can be a part of Christ’s suffering and His glory.

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  • evanlaar1922

    Piper said something like – missions exists where worship does not – awesome post!

    • Terrie van Baarsel

      Yes, I think that was part of the same quote that I noted in the post, but I didn’t quite get it all down. I was madly typing as our Pastor was speaking, haha!

      I feel like my notes really didn’t do the sermon justice. Feel free to click on the link to the church website and listen to the whole thing. I had my thinking corrected on a couple of points by this message. And I learned a few things, too! That’s always good.

      Thanks for your comments, Eric. =)

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