If You Have Not Received What You Desire

This is an excerpt from a sermon given on March 4, 2012 by Pastor Milton Vincent at Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church:

“If you have not received something from God that you want very badly, realize that the decision to withhold that thing from you has been made by the One who loved you so much that He gave His Son for you.  Surely, such a God is most happy to freely give you all things truly needful for your eternal good. It must be, then, that God is withholding that thing from you because it is not ultimately in your best interest to have it right now.  He is seeking to do a richer work and thereby impart to you some greater good that can only come to you through the absence of the thing that you desire.  Hence, you must view the withholding itself as a gift from an all-wise God who knows how to love you better than you know how to love yourself, and you must open your heart to the greater good that He is seeking to impart to you.

Additionally, remember that God gave His Son for you and delivered over His Son to suffer to the fullest extent in order to save you and make you His child.  Therefore, if the Father were to withhold anything from you that is essential to your eternal good, such withholding would be an insult to His Son.  Hence, you can rest assured that God is giving you all things truly needful for your ultimate good, not simply because He loves you, but also because He loves His Son who suffered so much for you.

We are “for us” and so is God.  But God is more intelligent and wise in His actions “for us” than we would ever be toward ourselves.  If we had full sovereignty, we would destroy ourselves (& others) in the way we went about giving ourselves everything that we thought we needed.  So let us thank God for what He gives us, and let us thank Him for what He withholds from us, knowing that His choices toward us are always best and will always redound to His greatest glory and our greatest good.” -Milton Vincent

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