What Shall We Say To These Things?

Sermon Notes – Pastor Milton Vincent
Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church – March 4, 2012

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We will give an account of every word, every idea we communicate. Words are important.

Paul asks the question, “What shall we say?” (Rom 6:1; 7:7; 9:14; 9:30, 8:31)

Paul is expressing that these Gospel truths (Rom 8:31-39) should cause us to say something and that what we say should be informed by the Gospel. In today’s message we will cover v.31-32. Reasoning from Gospel truth is not just thinking about Gospel truths, but using them as a jumping off point, making inferences from them and applying them to all areas of our lives. Observe, draw conclusions from, and apply Gospel truth.


1. God is for us.
-See Romans 5:8; 8:27, 28, 31, 32, 34. God is FOR us.
-“God is for us,” a summary of the Gospel in four words, the most concise definition of grace in the Bible.” -James Edwards

2. No one and nothing is against us.
-Who can bring charges? (Rom. 8:33)
-Who can condemn us? (Rom. 8:34)
-Who can separate us? Persecution, tribulation, distress? Principalities and powers? (Rom. 8:35)
-Obviously not saying that nothing is ever against us, BUT:
-No one of any account compared to God is against us. (Is.40:15-17)
-If this Mighty God is for us, everyone and everything else is nothing compared to Him.
-No one can successfully prevail against us in the ultimate sense. (Is. 54:17)
-Anything that is done against us will be turned into something good. We see this in Scripture:
Acts 4:25-28 (Crucifixion)
Phil. 1:12 (Paul’s imprisonment)
Gen. 50:20 (Joseph’s brothers)
Acts 8:1-4 (Persecution of the Church)

3. God did not spare His own Son when carrying out His plan to save us.
-Rom. 8:32, spare=spare from suffering.
-God did not just decide to save us, He gave up His Son.
-God did not diminish or mitigate the wrath poured out on Jesus.
-At no point did God intervene to lessen Christ’s suffering. He did that for you and for me.

“There was no mitigation, judgment was dispensed upon the Son in its unrelieved intensity.” -Murray

4. God delivered over His Son for us to be saved.
-“Delivered over” is a powerful statement.
-We deserved to be delivered over for judgment, but instead God delivered over His own Son. (Rom. 4:25)

5. God will graciously give us all things needful for our ultimate and eternal good. (Rom. 8:32)
-Freely given, “charizomai” is the verb form of grace.
-If God already gave His Son, what could we ever ask for that is too much for God?

We know these things because we have reasoned from the Gospel. We can bring this confidence to our prayer life and to bear upon our circumstances. In His infinite wisdom, God is always and at all times giving us what is good for our ultimate and eternal good.

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