One Great Love

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In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent His only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.
1 John 4:9

Today is Valentine’s Day.

May you enjoy the relationship you may have with your special someone. May you look to your family and friends with an increased measure of tender-hearted loving-kindness. Celebrate the richness of love in this life, every good and perfect gift coming down from the Father of lights. 

But remember that the symbols we choose to express our love for one another this day, although sweet enough in their own right, will soon fade away. The box of chocolates sits empty, the bouquet of flowers withers and dies.

Those of us who belong to Christ do well to remember a greater love. God’s love that never wavers nor fades. God’s love, based neither on sentimentalities nor conditions put upon our behavior, is a love built upon the bedrock of grace and the solid rock of the Gospel. God’s love is more immense and more profound than we could ever imagine. He loved us before the foundation of the world. His love is for us. His love redeems us. His love empowers us. For us a gracious and merciful miracle of love. 

We know a love that flows from the Sovereign hand of the One true God who works every circumstance that He allows into our lives for good. Because He loved us, He sent His Son to die so that we might be forgiven our sins (and, oh how easy the words, “forgiven our sins” slip off the tongue and so often without contemplating the tremendous price paid for such a love as this!) For God so loved the world!

For us who believe, a Valentine’s Day message divine in scope and measured out in eternity. In Christ, a transforming, conforming, metamorphosing love.

Proclaim today, not only the blessing of love we enjoy between each other, but a love that trumps all other loves, the love of the Father toward us for the sake of His beloved Son.

This, our One Great Love. 

Surely, of all people, we have something to celebrate!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By His Grace and for the Gospel,
Terrie van Baarsel

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4 responses to “One Great Love

  • kayla

    being encouraged by your posts tia while i struggle to stay awake during the night time feedings =)

    • Terrie van Baarsel

      So glad to be of help, Kayla. haha! Actually, I’m surprised you can even keep your eyes open. I remember that was my problem when my “babies” were little. Good times!

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. That’s always a great encouragement for me. Love you!

  • Joyce de vivre

    Thanks Terrie for sharing His love. God is truly our greatest love. :) Thanks also for your prayers for me and for my family during the earthquake. We are safe in God’s hands though we are saddened by the losses of lives in our sister city. May God always fill our hearts everyday as we are reminded that He is our first and greatest love. God bless ;)

    • Terrie van Baarsel

      Hi Joyce. So glad to hear that you are ok, but sorry to hear that there were losses in other areas of your country. Trusting that the Lord will show Himself faithful to those in your corner of the world.

      I always enjoy your posts and am very encouraged to read your comments here on Gospel Apprentice. God is good!

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