Lessons From Jesus’ Prayer Life

Sermon Notes-January 1, 2012
Pastor Carlos Cuellar
Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church


1. Jesus focused on a person not prayer.
-Communion and fellowship with God are at the heart of prayer.
-Not a dull duty. Not for our pride (looking good in front of others).
-Jesus prayed because of relationship and longing to commune with His Father.
-Before the Fall, man had intimate relationship with God. The beauty of the Gospel is that through it God brings us back into relationship.
-But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. Eph 2:13

2. Jesus made time to be with God in prayer.
-The pattern of Jesus’ life was to seek out time with God. (Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16)
-Just as we are, Jesus was sometimes interrupted when He wanted to pray. (Matt 14:12-14)
-Be aggressive in carving out time to pray.
-The measure of maturity in prayer is not how long we pray, but how much we long to pray.

3. Jesus experienced the freedom of prayer by weaving it into every part of His life.
-God gives us full freedom in how and when to pray. Just pray!
-Jesus prayed in all types of circumstances, different times of day, alone and with others, spontaneous prayers and learned prayers, long prayers, short prayers, prayers for others-children, friends, enemies-prayers for himself, He prayed indoors, outdoors, even on the cross.
-Enjoy and take advantage of the freedom we have to pray.

4. Jesus found refuge in prayer at some of life’s most important moments.
-It came naturally to Jesus to pray in important or difficult circumstances.
-We see it when Jesus made important decisions. (Luke 6:12-13)
-We see it when Jesus had times of trial or temptation. (Luke 22:41-44)

5. Jesus persevered in prayer to the end.
-Because it was such a natural part of His life and woven into every area of His life.
-Our circumstances can tempt us to stop praying. Hoping in God keeps us praying. (Ps 27:13-14) 
-Jesus ends His life with a prayer. (Matt 27:46,50; Luke 23:46)

Gaze at Jesus’ life and by God’s Grace experience Jesus’ example in prayer.

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