Encouragement for Fathers

Sermon notes – Pastor Milton Vincent – Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church, Father’s Day
June 20, 2010

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A note from Terrie: These are my notes taken during our church service on Sunday mornings. I will do my best to represent each sermon faithfully and post by Wednesday evening. Please keep in mind that these notes are just that, notes, and are a condensed version of the sermon. My prayer is that not only will these posts help me to think about God’s Word and how to apply it to my life, but that each post will encourage others to do the same.


1.  If you feel inadequate in your role, that’s ok.
–  …And
who is adequate for these things? (2 Cor. 2:16)
–  Often feelings of inadequacy are most felt within the walls of our own home.
–  Not only is it ok to feel inadequate, you probably need to feel inadequate! The task of Fatherhood is humanly impossible. Fathers need Divine intervention (Psalm 51:5).
–  Even Paul understood that he was inadequate. “Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God…(2 Cor. 3:5).
–  God wants to destroy our pride and drive men to rely on His adequacy rather than their own.

2.  If you feel as if you have only a little to offer, know that God can do much with little.
–  Men compare themselves to others and feel discouraged, so they do nothing.
–  If you have little to offer, God delights to take what little we have and make much of it.
–  In the story of the fish and the loaves (John 6:9-11), the Lord did not look down on what little the boy had to offer. But, rather, Jesus took the loaves and made much of them. It takes both courage and humility to come to the Lord with what little we have to offer. He makes much out of our little!
–  Take what little you may have and bring it to Jesus. Ask Him to bless and multiply it. Go to Him in prayer believing that He can do so much!

3.  If you have sinned and failed as a father, know that you have forgiveness with God (Ephesians 1:7).
–  There is grace and forgiveness from God for your failures and sins as a Dad. START HERE!
–  Even if we cannot forgive ourselves, it does not matter because the SOVEREIGN LORD AND GOD OF THE UNIVERSE CAN! Receive God’s forgiveness!
–  “How blessed is he whose transgressions is forgiven, whose sin is covered!” (Psalm 32:1)

4.  If you have sinned and failed as a father, know that God can even use your failures (Rom. 8:28).
–  It is amazing that God even uses our failures!
–  Jacob failed as a father by favoring Joseph over his brothers. Because of it, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery. But, God used it for good! (Gen. 37:3-4)
–  Turn your eyes to the Lord. Be the man he calls you to be and know that even when you fail, God will still use it for good.
–  Rest in the Sovereignty of God and let the surrendering of that burden spur you on to soar and do great things.

5.  If you have sinned, such failures give you the opportunity to do something really amazing…APOLOGIZE!
–  An apology is not a last resort or plan “B”.
–  “Apologies are moral events that have real power to heal.”  – Aaron Lazare
–  Apologize the right way:
   1.  Confess forthrightly, be specific and use Biblical language to name the sin you have committed.
   2.  Make a big deal of your sin. We tend to minimize our sins and maximize the sins of others. When we minimize our sins, we minimize what Jesus did on the cross.
   3.  Take full responsibility for your sin.
   4.  Try to enter in to the hurt of others. Try to understand and express how you have hurt someone.
   5.  Ask for forgiveness to the one you have offended (James 5:16).

6.  Realize that God chose you over all others to nurture and instruct your children.
–  It is an honorable responsibility.
–  It is not the pastor’s or others’ responsibility, but yours. (Ephesians 6:4)
–  “One pound of Godly father is greater than a ton of clergy.”
–  God always chooses what is best and he chose you to bring up your children in the Lord.

7.  Realize there is no ministry in the church more important than yours as a father.
–  Our churches will never rise above its fathers. The church will never be any more than what our men are in their homes.
–  See I Tim 3:4, 5, 12; 5:8

From Terrie: At the close of the service, Pastor Milton invited the dads of the congregation to join him downstairs for the next three weeks or so on Tuesday mornings at 6:00 a.m. to:
–  read from the Word
–  read Godly authors
–  talk
–  pray
–  eat doughnuts!

I would also be remiss if I did not add that this Father’s Day sermon was used in a powerful way by the Lord to encourage this Mom!

Don’t forget to pray for the fathers of our church.


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