Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

Circle of Grace

by Terrie van Baarsel

Shall I there abide?
Yes, where rough sawn beams
Are sentinels of the message-
The Power of God! The Wisdom of God!
In the shadow of the cross
Near the One who died for me,
Son of God – Perfect in Righteousness
Who loosed my bands of guilt and sin…
Shout Freedom! Tremble Liberty!
Refuge from temptation,
Profound and dark,
Deep and still,
Impenetrable, Divine,
From your depths a mystery-
The Blood of Redemption flowed
And soaked the ground, making it Holy.
Sacred Umbra penetrate
My soul, my heart, my mind
And kill my flesh, and kill my flesh.
O shelter cast of mercy,
Deliver me
From glittering madness
And cover me as a veil,
the Bride of Christ.

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