The Suffering King

Matt McCarty shared this poem recently with our Cornerstone Care Group. I was so blessed, I requested a copy so that I could not only re-read and digest the words slowly, but also so that I could post it here on Gospel Apprentice. Hope you are blessed as well!

By His Grace and for the Gospel,

-by Matthew McCarty

In blood with screams of agony
This King sustains last mortal breath
As pain wrecked frame fights violently
To give his failing lungs a rest

But nails and crown shaped thorns impede
All efforts thus to bring relief
And skin unwrapped to nerve and meat
Boasts pain too real to mount this feat

So slowly sinks His body down
To rest upon those dreadful spikes
With last of strength He looks round
Till gaze unveils what seeks His eyes

I can’t believe or comprehend
But those tear soaked eyes have fixed on me
Ashamed I try to hide the sin
That all this while did bring me glee

But all is seen, my all is bare
For light and truth has proven wise
To show the beauty my heart did sneer
And pain wrought sacrifice despise

And so the shame my soul does feel
Finds deeper depth and further reach
But eyes and gaze are on me still
While lips contort and start to speak

What falls upon my ready ears
Are things that words cannot convey
Things that bring my heart to tears
Things that beckon me to stay

For the King upon this bloodstained cross
As pure and spotless as a lamb
Claims all this torture is no loss
Says through it and by, perfect I am

It cannot be my soul proclaims
For in this hour I loved my sin
As you were scourged in dreadful pain
And your body hung with wicked men

But says He firm, through bloodcrust lips
Know that t’was for this very hour
I came to climb this hill and fix
Your sin and heart so do not cower

For all your sin is cast on me
To delight My Father My soul to crush
That all be nailed into this tree
That you become His righteousness

My knees then fasten to the ground
And fingers clutch His nail pierced step
And through my sobs a booming sound
The King proclaims

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