The Mercy of God’s Word

“For by His Word, God rendered faith unambiguous forever… “  (John Calvin-Institutes Book One 6.2)

God’s Word is a Mercy. It makes clear man’s dilemma and solves his most basic problem. A man need not grope in the darkness in hopes of discovering clarity in the shadows. He will not find what he is looking for there. Obscurity begets ambiguity and hopelessness, blurring the outline of what life lived in subjection to the Trinity can be.

God’s Word is a Mercy. It is a reflection of the Sovereign One, Ruler of the universe. If creation whispers the Name of the Creator, and by so doing leaves man without excuse; God’s Word is the executioner’s sword, putting to death all pretext of self-justification.

God’s Word is a Mercy. It is the antidote to the desperation man feels when the realization of his true predicament takes hold. God’s Word is a lifeline. A blueprint for salvation. It is the foundation upon which changed lives are built. The blind see. The deaf hear. God’s Word relieves man of his awful burden and gives birth to faith.

God’s Word is a Mercy. It is shelter against the storm. God’s Word defends. God’s Word protects. It forms the underpinnings of strength and the groundwork for wisdom. God’s Word is a refuge for the sinner and a safety net for the weak. God’s Word never fails.

God’s Word is a Mercy. It is nourishment and real sustenance. It offers the bread of life in famine and living water in drought. It is the marriage feast’s miracle wine, undiluted and pure. God’s Word is a banquet fit for a king, yet bids the needy come eat.

God’s Word is a songbird singing in the deepest of nights. Hear it.

By His Grace and for the Gospel,
Terrie van Baarsel

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